Shakila   Yas 6164                                                                      

Shakila is an eight year old student at third grade with high GPA from Mahabad, Western Azerbaijan of Iran. She lives with her mother in her maternal grandfather’s house. Shakila’s father left to Iraq nine years ago to work. He was supposed to come back in order to take his family to relocate to Iraq; however, he never returned. Shakila’s uncle did a lot of investigation through governmental agencies to find out his brother’s whereabouts, but in vain. They then received a death report with no reasons for the father’s death mentioned. Since then, Shakila’s family moved to the maternal grandfather’s house where they built one room on a corner side of the backyard with the help of friends and relatives. Shakila’s mother cannot work and doesn’t have any source of income either. She is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which has made her eyes extremely puffy, a condition called Grave’s Eye Disease. For this reason, she has been hospitalized a few times in the city of Urmia as well as in Mahabad. Poverty makes it hard for Shakila’s mother to get her medication on time. Shakila’s older sister is a student at seventh grade. She studies in a school in the adjacent village near Mahabad. It is also hard for Shakila’s mother to pay for the commute of her sister.In spite of such a hard situation, Shakila studies hard and wishes to continue her studies. With your kind and generous support, Shakila can pursue her education with peace of mind 

Mohammad Amin   Banafsheh 5754                      

Mohammad Amin is a talented student. Mohammad Amin’s father is unemployed because of mental health problems. His mother worked on an hourly, part time, basis at a yarn factory. However, she was forced to leave this job because of difficult work conditions and poor health, such as back disc problems, leg pain, and eye surgery. Despite seeking treatment, Mohammad Amin’s father was unable to recover and in the process subjected his wife to mental and physical abuse. As a result, Mohammad Amin’s mother sought divorce, and in exchange for his custody waived her legal rights.  After the divorce, Mohammad Amin and his mother began living with his maternal grandparents, who also became his mother’s responsibility due to their health issues. Their source of income has been through a charity, government subsidies, and Mohammad Amin’s mother’s carpet weaving. Mohammad Amin’s mother has also taken out a loan to pay for Mohammad Amin’s life insurance. Considering these circumstances, please help Mohammad Amin continue his education. 

Mohammad      Banafsheh 5806                                  

Mohammad is a hardworking student at fifth grade. He lost his father in a tribal dispute years ago. He, now, lives with his mother, two sisters and a brother in an old mud brick house in a village in Sistan & Baluchistan province. They all live in a harsh situation as they lack the most basic amenities and appliances such as cooling and heating system, cooking stove, carpets, and television. Mohammad and his siblings are deprived of even the basic school stationary required for studying.

Mohammad’s family has no source of income as their father died and mother is jobless and looks after the children at home.

Mohammad loves studying and wishes to continue his education. With your kind and generous support, Mohammad will be able to stay in school and study with peace of mind. 

Ismail    Banafsheh 5703                                    

Ismail is a 14 year old student from Saravan. He is an accomplished student with a GPA of 18.21 (out of 20). Ismail lives with his family in a small and old house that is in need of repair. The family’s financial situation is dire and needs your support to stay in school.

Ismail’s father died of old age, leaving behind only the small house. Ismail’s family lack necessary and basic appliances in their home. Ismail’s and his siblings dream of owning a television to watch their favorite shows on. Their only source of income is the meager monetary support from the government (yaraneh) and limited funds from a charity organization, both of which is not sufficient to pay for the family’s daily needs. Ismail lives a very harsh life and your kind support can make it easier for him to continue his studies  

Arefeh      Yas 6161                                              

Arefeh is an eight year old girl, in the second grade, from the city of Zabol, Sistan Bluchistan Province. Her father was a seasonal labor who became a drug dealer, as the seasonal job did not make enough for the family. He then got arrested, and was sentenced to sixteen years in jail and fine of 18 million Iranian Touman.

Arefe’s mother is jobless and her only source of income is the monthly governmental help which is not sufficient. Arefeh lives with her mother and three brothers in their parental grandfather’s house and lack the basic appliances and amenities.

In order to stay in school, Arefeh needs your kind support!

Atena       Yas 6101                                          

Atena is eight years old and lives in Saravan with her mother and younger brother. She is an intelligent and hardworking student and needs your help to continue her education.

Atena’s parents are divorced and she lives with her mother and younger brother. They reside in a room in her uncle’s house, which lacks basic appliances such as a stove, television, or rug. The family’s only source of income is a small amount received through government subsidies, which does not support their basic needs. Your kind support is needed to help Atena pursue her studies. 


Mohammad Sharif       Banafsheh 5766             

Mohammad Sharif is an intelligent ten year-old from Saravan. He and his family are poverty stricken and need your support for Mohammad Sharif to stay in school.

Mohammad Sharif lives with his mother and two older sisters in one room at his step-brother’s house. However, Mohammad Sharif’s step-brother wants the family to leave. Unfortunately, they cannot afford rent since their only source of income is through government subsidies and a small donation from a charity. Mohammad Sharif’s older sisters were forced to drop out of school due to the costs of education. Please help Mohammad Sharif remain in school and continue his education. Your support will help him work toward a better future. 


Saleh       Nastaran 641                                     

Saleh is 15 years old and lives in Saravan. He is an excellent student in the 10th grade with a GPA of 19 (out of 20). He enjoys his studies; however poverty may prevent him from staying in school and needs your support.

Saleh’s father died of food poisoning. The family cannot afford rent and he and his mother and two siblings live in a room in his grandparents’ house. Saleh’s family lacks basic home appliances, including cooling and heating systems. In the cold winter months of Saravan, the family struggles to keep warm. Please help this intelligent and hardworking student stay in school as he works toward a better future. 

Zeinab        Yas 6082                                    

Zeinab is a talented student. Her father is afflicted with epilepsy and psychosis and has been admitted to several psychiatric hospitals. Because of this, Zeinab’s mother has been recognized as the head of household. However, she is housewife and primarily takes care of her husband. The family lives in a home that was built and given to them by charity organizations. They lack a refrigerator, carpet, television, and heater. The absence of a heater in the current cold season is a serious problem for the family. Zeinab and her four siblings have a keen interest in studying and attending school. They lack the most basic educational materials. The family’s only income is through government subsidy and a small contribution through a charity. However, this does not cover their basic expenses. Zeinab and her siblings need support to continue their education and hope for a better future.      

Sakina       Rose 275                                      

Sakina is a healthy and shy 7-year-student in first grade from Mazar-E-Sharif city of Balkh province of Afghanistan. Her father which worked as a guard in a Billiard club was killed mysteriously by toxic food and the owner of club didn’t take responsibility to investigate the issue. After her father death, her mother must be married with her brother in law base on Afghan tradition.Sakina has an older brother and sister. They live in her grandfather’s unappropriated house without stuff   basic life. Her mother should provide kids food any required staff by kids since her second husband is irresponsible person.  Give them chance to get back on their feet and come through their dream

Jamshid          Carnation 286                          

Jamshid is a thirteen-year-old boy from the city of Mazar-e-Sharif, Blakh province of Afghanistan. He is a smart young boy currently studying in third grade. His father left on a work trip four years ago and has not been seen or heard from since. They live in a small house that lacks water or electricity, in a small village two hours out of town. They use candles for light and have to walk miles for water. His mother tries to provide for her family by working in people’s houses and in farms, but her income in not nearly enough to provide for their daily needs. Jamshid also has two sisters who are students in fourth and sixth grade. This family struggles to get by every day and Jamshid needs your help. Your generosity will help this young boy continue his education and work towards a better and brighter future.                     


Rohullah       Carnation 256                             

Ruhollah is an eight-year-old boy from the city of Mazar-e-Sharif,  Blakh  province of Afghanistan. He is currently studying in the first grade and is a very smart and talented student. His father divorced his mother three years ago and remarried. He has not been seen or heard from since. Ruhollah has three siblings, one who is younger and two who are also students like him. His mother tries to do anything she can to provide for her children, but her income is so small that they barely have enough to eat. Their diet is mainly bread and tea. The children dream of cooked food and Ruhollah’s little sister is not growing properly due to lack of nutrition. This family is truly struggling to get by and Ruhollah is in need of your help. Your generosity will make a world of difference in this young boy’s life. 


Shintya        Rose 62                                      

Shintiya is an smart girl in Middle school. Her father is a temporary worker with uncertain income which barely covers the family’s daily needs. Shitiya’s mother is just an ordinary housewife unable to work and help the family. According to our social worker this family has very poor economic condition. Shintiya lives with her parents in her very simple grandmother’s house with a very basic AssocRICS. However, she goes to school diligently and she really wants to continue her study up to college level. Her families are really in trouble keeping their children at school and help them for their expectation and help Shintiya make her dreams came true without your support.


Dewi        Rose 103                                          

Dewi L. is a thirteen years old smart girl who studies in 6th grade. She is living with her younger sister and their parents in the poor region of the City of Bandung, West java province of Indonesia. Her father works as a water currier for people by their order. His income barely covers the daily needs the family and keeping two children at school.  Please consider to sponsor this young girl and help her to go to school be educated and look for a bright future.


Ridwan         Carnation 100                              

Ridwan is a fourteen years old talented boy who studies in 1st grade middle school. He lives with her parents in the poor region of the City of Bandung, West java province of Indonesia. His father is a construction worker. He is old and sick, His income is far less than the family daily needs and keeping two children at school. They have to live in grandparent’s house since the family can’t afford to rent a place. Please consider to sponsor this young boy to go to school, continue his education and find a bright future.


Rebeka        Rose 7                                        

Rebeka is a thirteen-year-old girl from the town of Pandubazar, Bhaktapur district of Nepal. She is a smart young girl currently studying in seventh grade. She has lived in this town with her family for many years. She lives with her younger sister, her parents and her grandmother. Her father has struggled to find work and brings home a small income whenever he can, by working as a laborer building houses. But this is barely enough to meet their daily needs. Her mother is a simple housewife who is not able to work outside the home. They are struggling to get by and Rebeka is in need of your help. Your generosity will help her stay in school and work towards a better and brighter future.


Safalata       Rose 13                                       

Safalata is thirteen-years-old and in 7th grade. She is from Nepal and is only child of her parents. Her father works as junior staff in an office and her mother is a primary level teacher in a school. They have also migrated from Chainpur in Kathmandu city, and like many of the people there, they are struggling for a better life. They are living in a rented space with two small rooms in Kathmandu. Safalta is a good student in her school. She loves to dance and she is hard working girl. Please consider sponsoring Safalata to help ease the burden on her shoulders.