Soles for Souls

Dear all,

We have a short few weeks till Nowruz (Persian New Year) and once again we would like to extend our invitation to help us buy shoes for needy kids of Iran. This drive has essentially started as a family-friend fundraiser. However, this year we are trying to do things a little differently. Child Foundation, which is a very reputable organization in helping kids around the world, has kindly accepted to help us with this drive. My mom and aunt have already talked to a few shoemakers/factories. They worked hard to keep the cost of each pair between $5-8. This is lowering the cost of each pair on average $3 less than last year.

For your information, Child Foundation has a minimal +/- 6.5% administrative/service fee. After your contribution, Child Foundation will provide you with the tax-deduction documents. We are trying to make this process as transparent as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions.

This project is so dear to us, and over the course of years and with your generous support, we were able to make many families and especially kids happy. Last year we were able to purchase more than 760 pairs of shoes with your donations. I was fortunate enough to visit Iran last spring and hand off some of the shoes to the students of few schools myself. It was a very humbling experience. These kids and their families are so grateful for your support.

One of the stories that really touched my heart was this mom who was looking for her son in the early afternoon to send him home and give his shoes to his little sister, as they only had one pair to share. I understand that these families have more problems than a pair of shoe, but if we can take one thing off their worry list, so that way no kid needs to share a shoe with their siblings that is a sign of progress in the right direction. 

Please consider helping us bringing smiles to kids’ faces.

Love and peace,

Sepideh Bigdeli-Greene