If you have been a sponsor for a year or longer, you will typically receive a progress report for your child every six months. We recently finished sending the Fall 2017 progress reports.

Current Status: As of Oct 2017, we have finished sending all reports. We will continue troubleshooting any reports with errors or remaining issues.

Next step: The next reports will be sent in Spring 2018!

Progress Report Policies

• Bi-annual progress reports are usually not available to new sponsors until after they have continuously sponsored a child for the full length of a reporting cycle. There are two reporting cycle in each year, first cycle starts at the beginning of spring which is the beginning of Persian solar year and the second one starts at the beginning of fall.

• Due to the nature of social work and the large number of sponsored children, it can take up to three months after this time to receive the progress reports. Therefore depending on what time of the year you have started your sponsorship, it could take anywhere between eight to twelve month to receive your first progress report.

• Once you enter your second year of being a sponsor, you will receive two reports per year regularly; generally in the Spring and the Fall.

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